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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

stars & stripes

So I guess now is as good a time of any to spread the news of our summer plans. To help integrate us into the real world & hopefully move out of Mexico sometime in the near future we will be living part time in:
we are thrilled to be able to spend time with family & friends while Jeremy is taking a break from slow work. So we will be living in Utah 2 weeks & then Mexico 2 weeks and so on & so forth. So feel free to hit us up if you are in the area & would like to hang out!

Here in Utah we made it just in time to celebrate the 4th of July. Here are some shots from the Kaysville parade. I can't lie even though the weather was bearable the parade itself seemed very long with advertisements galore. I may reconsider making Jeremy go next year..
It was nice to see something that should be celebrated such as these cute veterans.
So grateful for the men that serve & protect our country. I just love cute old people!
Prezley was the highlight of the parade for us.
She did a million back handsprings! Ouch I remember tumbling on the asphalt.. not fun!
Hubby was a trooper even though he was feeling under the weather.
My cute grandparents who save us a spot in front of their house every year.
The day was full of happy babies..
adorable dogs
and cute poses. No really she was just standing like this! :)
after the parade Jeremy & I headed over to Oakridge country club with Jeremy's parents for a buffet dinner & fireworks. The food & company were lovely. 
That evening we got together with friends to play with sparklers & my camera!
This shot was an accident but turned out so cool!
We were limited to 4 letter words so we started with the most important!
all the people involved:
abstract shapes.
a sparkler angel?? who knows..haha
Later in the week we also attended the farmington parade which we enjoyed very much. 
We got to watch Atlas & he had a blast accumulating candy!
"Jackie" & Atlas
Cute Emerson giving me her vogue face :)
cute sleeping Charlie.
my sweet cousins Elle & Lucy in the parade. Elle tossing me some candy :)
Prez showing her spirit
Jer getting some laughs
The boys got wet & lost their shirts. so cute.
I swear my nephew could be a child model. He just has the most beautiful features! Especially those light eyes..
 I wanted a picture of all the girls, so I guess it's only fitting that Jer jumped in :)
I love celebrating the 4th! I look forward to it all summer. It's only 2nd best to Christmas of course!

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