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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Hey Jeremy here.. So I think this should be called "Jeremy's Jabs" not "Jeremy's Jibberish" because everything I say is extremely important and would not be said unless it could drastically change somebody's life... you're welcome family or strangers.  So Valentine's Day party at the church!?!  Really? Does that seem strange to anyone else.  Why would a church have a Valentine's Day party?  Are we supposed to bring a love note and fun dip to give to the big man upstairs?  Needless to say, Judas Iscariot did not get a Valentine from me, but I did bring one for Moroni, he totally deserves it.   I don't get it.  So we went, even though I asked Cassie if I could just cook her dinner and give her a massage, but no luck.  So we had the amazing "opportunity" to go.  When we arrived, Hermando Santos (Brother Saints) asked me to go pick up the 1963 Karaoke machine.  It weighed about 300 pounds and was larger than William "the fridge" Perry (greatest D lineman to ever play the game).  Apparently we really needed the machine there, since Hermano Santos was the only one who actually karaoke'd, and decided it was appropriate to sing 6 or 7 Mexican songs.  So to back track a little, BR Norton died.  He was a member our branch and was recently baptized.  Honestly, the guy is the salt of the earth, and is heading straight to heaven.  We were really sad when we heard. So how does the loss of a loved branch member merge with ridiculously awesome karaoke?  Well Hermano Santos decided that a shout out to BR in the middle of a mexican jam was appropriate... seriously.  I translated for Cassie, and it basically went something like this, "BR, we miss you, where ever you are!" and then an extended arm and finger towards the heavens.  It was classic, especially in between an amazing Banda tune.  Could the party have gotten any more awkward or strange? Of course it could.  I love the fact that Christianity and the Mormon church accepts all, especially those without permanent address' or homeless.  I believe we have three in our branch.  They are the first one's to shake your hand when you get to church and some of the nicest members in the branch.  My only problem is, I don't really want them serving me food at the Valentine's party, but that was the assignment they were given.  Seriously relief society, think before you give out assignments.  If I feel like I need to wash my hands after a warm salutation, what do you think I feel I should do after eating a plate of food just served?


  1. Nice post Jeremy. I'm glad I'm not the only wife that has her husband do blog posts too... :)

  2. so...at least you guys had a PARTY at the church on v-day, no matter how awkward...we had the assignment to CLEAN our church building on v-day!! it was quite the date night!