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Friday, August 27, 2010

Dear Old Davis High School

Tonight I attended my first Davis football game in years! I can say I honestly felt right back at home. We went to watch my younger sister Prezley because she is on the cheer team.
I couldn't get a better picture, but oh well you get the idea.
I can't believe it's been 7 years since I graduated high school. Am I really that old?? It's so crazy. Me & my mom kept laughing because instinctively I kept looking for my friends before I remembered they probably weren't there. It was so fun to feel the excitement of the HS kids & I did end up running into a lot of friends & family.
Like my cute pregnant cousin Haley! She is due the first of October.
This is her cute little boy Shepard.

It rained in the beginning but didn't put a damper on anything. I was so glad I could come to a game while I was in town.
Go Darts! :)

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  1. BUMMER we didn't see eachother there :( Bri forgot her cell and I don't have your number so we couldn't text ya to see where you were! Bri & Jake only stayed for a little bit and we left early! Anywho...it was so fun to see ya again at lunch this week! Don't forget to plan your trip out for October :)