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Monday, June 21, 2010

Daddy's are the best!

It is indeed time to tribute my dear father.

Robert Hawkes Potter happens to be the greatest guy ever.
Lucky for me he happens to be my dad:)
Some things I love about my dad are as follows:

He can always put a smile on my face. He has a very cheerful disposition. He is always quick to tell a joke or offer you something to make you happy.

He loves sports, being active and doing fun activities. He is so supportive of all his kids and everything we do even if its dance, cheer or what not. He always came to all our games, competitions, shows.

He has always been a good provider for a family. He works hard, and still finds time to spend time with us. I greatly appreciate all he has sacrificed for us kids.

He is a wonderful husband to my mother. She is one lucky lady! He is always so sweet to her & let's her do basically whatever she wants.. (hint hint jeremy? :)) ha. I have never seen him raise her voice at her, and he always supports her in her work and family. And I mean look at that picture, what a hottie right?

I love my dad more than words can express. He is such a strong and motivated person, with lots of patience. I love you dad, & thanks for always being there for me no matter what.
Happy Fathers Day!


  1. Cassie! Love your pictures (especially your wedding) and love the Jelly fish you caught. How fun!

  2. yes love dads! and YES i will be in utah for the 4th! i get in the 1st. how about you? you MUST meet brig in person :)