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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Moonlight Beach 2014

On Thursday we were pretty exhausted after Disneyland so we just hung around the house all day. I still wanted to take Kingsley to the beach and was so excited when Rachelle said she and Samantha would come get us. I'm sad we didn't go to the beach more when we were there because Kingsley loved it! Glad I left Hudson home though because I'm pretty sure he would just eat the sand..
He was a little nervous at first when to get in the water, but then he would giggle and cheer every time the waves came. It's so fun to see him experience things for the first time.
He also loved digging in the sand and making "towers"
Love seeing these two grow up and change!
Eating some chips :)
Unfortunately we left them out and the birds stole them :( Kingsley tried to chase them down! haha
Love his little tan line and white bum!
Moonlight beach is really cool and has a cute park where we went to play on after.
The California life :)
That night Jeremy and I went out for a sushi dinner.
Friday as I mentioned in an earlier post we went to the zoo. The boys of course loved it, but I do have to say I like the Hogle zoo in SLC better. It's way less expensive and you can see a ton more animals. The San Diego zoo is overwhelming. Saturday we packed up and headed to Chris & Amy's to hang out before we had to go to the airport. The girls went shopping while the boys babysat. It was such a fun trip, but we were so dead tired when we got home. I actually pulled a muscle in my back and could hardly pick up anything for a couple days. I'm sure just from carrying kids around all week, sitting on the floor feeding Hudson, and being squished in the back of the Van. Anyways it was such a good time and we hope to do a Cali trip every other year or something :)

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