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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hudson is 8 months!

Oh man I love this little guy. He is just the sweetest little boy. He has the best little dimples and contagious laugh.
This  last month has been a roller coaster with this little one.  Him and Kingsley both got sick and it lasted almost two weeks! There was a lot of crying, runny noses, and rashes. Hudson can be very particular making him difficult at times. He is either the happiest guy on the planet or a hot mess. Unfortunately I think the poor guy has a really sensitive stomach so some days he just cries and twists in discomfort. Because of that I hardly nurse him at all anymore to avoid things in my milk upsetting him. It's easier to regulate what he is getting with just formula and baby food.
Hudson is totally a wiggle worm now a days. I dread changing his diaper and trying to get him to stay still. He is full on crawling now though he is not super speedy. He finally sits up but still tips over if he's not paying attention. This little guy loves to pull himself up on everything. The couch, chairs or tables. He also loves to climb in the cupboards. He was falling a lot earlier on but he has started to get more coordinated. I do need to baby proof since he has started to try and climb up the stairs.
Hudson's schedule is pretty consistent lately. I put him to sleep at 8-8:30 and he sleeps about 11 hours till 7:30-8. He does sporadically wake up here and there if his stomach is hurting. He wakes up and drinks a bottle and then him and King just play with toys in the morning. He eats breakfast which is usually rice cereal, and then takes his first nap around ten which usually lasts 1.5-2 hours. When he wakes up around noon then we usually go do something outside like swimming, lagoon, or just run errands. Then he takes his second nap along with Kingsley at about 2:30. I rock him to sleep while he drinks a bottle, about 4-6 oz. I love when Hudson wakes up because it is usually before Kingsley so we get some alone time. I love kissing his smiling sweet dimple cheeks! Hudson gets a little fussy in the evening since it is the longest he is awake, but he eats dinner and then just plays around until he takes 6 ounces of formula and is off to bed.
Hudson loves baths and water! He screams every time we take him out. He just loves to splash around. He has been to the splash pad and pool and really enjoys both. Hudson loves to follow Kingsley and Diesel around and pull their hair :) He loves lights and to put golf balls in his mouth.. I know super strange. He also like to crawl back and forth under the bed even though he usually bonks his head a couple times.

Hudson still hates the car seat and isn't a fan of the stroller either, which is very frustrating. He start crying and arching his back to get out the second we put him in the car seat and sometimes continues to cry most of the ride. Poor guy just really hates being strapped in. He is OK in the stroller but typically doesn't last very long until he wants me to hold him.
Hudson isn't quite talking much though sometimes he likes to sing/yell random gibberish. And on occasion he can say mama.
Hudson is really good at eating baby food but prefers solid food even more like little pieces of bred, avocado, or beans. Along with the dissolvable puffs. He is alright with the bottle but usually doesn't drink it all in the same sitting. He hardly nurses at all in the mornings just for a couple minutes or so. If Hudson is cranky he likes to suck on a binkie, but if not then he usually just chews on it.

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