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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Visiting Ballam Granparents

While in St George, of course we had to stop by and visit my sweet grandparents.
I just adore these people so much!
My grandma got to meet Hudson for the first time, and he was pretty excited to have someone holding him :)
 The first time we stopped by we pretty much just showed up, and it was so funny that Kingsley remembered exactly where there toys were.
My grandparents are just so good with kids knowing exactly how to keep them entertained.
My grandma is especially good with babies, and I loved seeing both of their faces light up.
Kingsley loved their telephones :)
Love these pictures! Of course everyone is all over the place but that's how it is with kids. Kingsley is a little skeptical of new people so we new we would have to stop by again after he was warmed up.
Don't mind our swim clothes.
We stopped by again on our way home and it was so nice to spend some more time and chat with these wonderful people. I just wish so badly they lived closer!
I'm so glad my boys got to meet these two fantastic people, I just love them more than life!

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