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Friday, April 25, 2014

Hudson is 6 months!

 I can't believe my baby boy is at the half year mark! He is just growing up way to fast!
Hudson's stats this month were:
Head: 44.5cm, 84%
Height: 26.4 in @ 38%
Weight: 16.5 oz @ 33%
So basically always the same. Big head with a small body. His head never looks as large as Kingsley's did/does but it measures about the same. He looks pretty chunky to me too, so I'll never know why his stats always say he's small.
Hudson's schedule has continued to develop nicely. A typical routine is:
8:30: 6oz bottle and bedtime. He likes to roll over his side and hold his snuggly. He sleeps about 10 hours until 6-7am, I nurse him and then he sleeps until 8-9am. I keep meaning to sleep train him, but it's hard to let him cry it out in the morning because then I worry about it waking Kingsley & I can't get back to sleep either. He's always really happy in the mornings and likes to lay by Kingsley while he watches cartoons. Hudson surprisingly is entertained by tv as well. Hudson takes his first nap around 11am. He usually needs me to nurse him or drink a bottle to fall asleep. Hudson sleeps anywhere from 45min to an hour and a half. When he wakes up he eats lunch with Kingsley. Usually rice cereal, but he has tried a a couple other things. He is a pretty good eater. He doesn't seem to devour it like some babies do, but he doesn't spit it out like Kingsley did. Hudson plays on the floor and rolls around everywhere, he always needs to be holding on or chewing something. Hudson takes an afternoon nap around 2. I usually time it with Kingsley's nap so I can get a break from both of them to get things done. This nap is typically longer from 1-2 hours. Hudson still enjoys hanging out on his play mat though he doesn't end up there very long since he is scooting all over the place. He is really trying to crawl but isn't there quite yet. Depending on what we are doing at night Hudson takes a nap maybe every other night. I'm sure he will drop it soon. Hudson eats dinner with us in his bumbo, though he is getting too big for it now that he tries to wiggle out. Since I'm losing my milk supply I give Hudson formula at night, usually 6 ounces or so. Then I pump later to have some extra breast milk to use during the day.
 Hudson seems to be learning a lot of new tricks lately. He loves to babble to himself or anyone who will listen. He is a little wiggle worm! It makes him impossible to hold because he is always trying to escape. When I set him down he ends up on the other side of the room. He is a very bust baby always grabbing everything in view. He won't nurse with Kingsley around or any noise for that matter because he gets easily distracted.
 This sweet boy is so happy. He is always smiling with his mouth wide open. Which is why he always has slobber all down the front of him. He just loves attention. He is happiest if he is being held, he is sort of needy that way. If I set him down and walk away he starts screaming.. ha he can be dramatic. So now I have to slyly disappear. He is very aware of his surroundings. He doesn't really enjoy riding in the car probably because he drops all his toys in the first 5 minutes.
 Hudson wears size 4 diapers. He fits into 6-12month, but can wear 12-18month tops. He has a longer stomach just like me making bigger tops more ideal. As you can see he has lost most of his hair, just wispy pieces.
I just love my little Huddy Buddy. He is so fun to squeeze and cuddle. He is so ticklish and I just love to make him laugh and see his adorable dimple :)

Kingsley wanted his turn for a picture which I jumped on because he usually hates when I try to take his picture.
And he loves to try to give Hudson his binkie though he usually doesn't like it.

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