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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hudson is 5 months!

I am starting to hate writing these posts as it means another month has come and gone and my baby is growing up! And they take me forever to get done with two littles around so I am always a couple weeks behind by the time they are posted! Hudson has changed and grown a lot since last month. He now weighs about 16 pounds. He finally started taking a bottle which is such a relief since I don't have a lot of milk. When I pump at night I seem to get about 3-5oz ounces, 5 being a rare good night. So I still nurse him but can usually tell if he is still hungry so during the day I will give him pumped milk from the night before to keep him full. He also eats rice cereal 2-4 times a day. He is really quick, which is nice because it seems he will be very good at eating baby food as well. At night I give him formula to help him sleep longer and give him a different taste to make sure he will get used to it for when my milk dries entirely up. Hudson seems to have a sensitive stomach. Although he has grown out of his fussiness I can still tell if I eat something that upsets him because he spits up a ton. Poor little guy.
Hudson's schedule has improved drastically. He now goes to bed at about 8-8:30pm and sleeps in his crib for 7-9 hours waking up between 5-7am nurses and then sleeps another couple hours. So he is getting really close to sleeping thru the night and I can't wait, but I don't really have the option of letting him cry it out because it is late enough in the morning that if I continued to let him cry he would wake up Kingsley so I am hoping he just continues to sleep longer gradually on his own. We have also had a little bit of a scare this month with Hudson.. When he is falling asleep he has had this shutter/tremor like shaking thing. It has only happened twice, but it is so scary to hold a shaking baby. Luckily it is not a seizure & everything we have read online says they grow out of it. Our doctor also seems to think it is nothing to be concerned about at this point. During the day Hudson naps really well. He goes down about every two hours and sleeps anywhere from 45min to an hour and a half. He takes two to three naps depending on what time he wakes up in the morning.  He has recently started rolling over and sleeping on his stomach which probably is the reason he has been sleeping longer. He sometimes will take a binkie when he is half asleep, but usually during the day he just chews and plays with it.
Hudson has recently found his voice and loves to screech away. He makes the funniest noises and they are low and very man-ly :) He rolls over the second you set him on his back. He also has gotten really good at using his hands and grabbing things (I have scratches all over my body :() His favorite toy is his "sophie" a squeaky giraffe. He also likes some of Kingsley's balls and any small things he can hold. He sucks on everything. Sometimes it confuses people that think he's hungry. He is very animated and happy. He loves attention. He gets upset when you set him down and walk away. The sweetest thing is how much he loves for Kingsley to talk to him. Kingsley loves him just as much, and loves to get in his face and say hi huddy buddy :) They will be the cutest friends I can just tell. 
Hudson has the sweetest blue eyes. His hair seems to be staying dark which I hope it does. He has the perfect round face. He is just so handsome with the most kissable cheeks. I could kiss and smell this sweet baby all day. I just love him to death and treasure every minute I get to spend with him when Kingsley will allow it :)
Love this sweet 2nd child.

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