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Saturday, July 6, 2013

San Diego 2013 trip

Kingsley & I decided to tag along with Jer on a work trip so we could visit our friends the Perry's! Traveling with a baby is getting more and more difficult, what with all the extra stuff you have to pack but mostly his schedule getting thrown off. It was totally worth the extra work and lost sleep because we had a blast.
I mostly only got pictures of Samantha & Kingsley.
Kingsley loved playing with new toys.
But he did not enjoy the swings at the park.
One of my favorite mornings was when we grabbed some McDonalds and had a picnic at the Bay, before playing at the beach.
It was the perfect place for the babes to be able to play in the water without getting taken out by the waves since it was in a cove.
And then a magical moment happened :)

Kingsley really enjoyed playing in the sand. It was nice because he would just chill in one spot because apparently he was to scared to crawl around.
Samantha loves giving hugs, unfortunately Kingsley hates receiving them.. ha
Love this sand eating babe!
I need to take more pictures with Kingsley & I, since I never have any of the two of us.
One of our nights we moved over to the Marriot Marque which is so nice and has the best pool. Kingsley is a little fish and loves swimming with his dad. Jeremy will swim underneath him and Kingsley will just laugh his head off :)
Kingsley is obsessed with any kind of ball and always wants any that he sees. 
We had such a wonderful time and I especially loved all the great food and company.

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