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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Kingsley is 11 months!

 This is just too insane! Baby boy is just a month away from being a year. It is so sad how much I have forgotten already, so I know I will be happy to have these monthly updates to look back on. 
This kid is at such a fun age. He just has the best personality. He is also very tiring because he is all over the place and gets into EVERYTHING!!! I am not the cleanest person anyways, but he is making it so much more difficult as he likes to get out every toy he owns, as well as pulling things out of drawers and the garbage... Kingsley is also fascinated with the toilet.. Gross I know! Any time i leave the door open he scurrys in to try to put his hands in the water  or throw toys in there. Unfortunately last week he threw in Grandma Julie's cell phone to it's watery grave :(
 Kingsley's schedule is still pretty consistent waking up at 7:30 and taking two naps at 10:30 and 3:00. He continues to love eating solids. Unfortunately he already dislikes most vegetables. I try so hard, but he always ends up spitting out whatever form of vegetable I try to give him. So for now the best I can do is feed him the mixed baby food pouches that are half fruit half vegetable. His favorite food so far is spaghetti just like his dad.
 This little guy is getting pretty close to walking. He uses a little toy walker, holds our hands, and shuffles between furniture. He has also gotten pretty good at climbing up on things like our couch. He mostly loves to mall Diesel and lay all over him. Diesel however is not a fan of Kingsley since he pulls on his tail and legs. Hopefully K can learn to "be soft" soon. I lately have been trying to tell King "NO" when he is doing something he shouldn't.. Although he just seems to laugh & do it anyways so I'm not sure it is woking :(
Kingsley definitely knows what he wants and will point and yell at you to help him. He basically throws a fit every morning because he wants Jeremy to hold him instead of getting ready for work. He will throw a fit if he doesn't get what he wants but they don't really last long. A fun thing Kingsley has picked up is counting to ten with me. Now his numbers all sound like two, but it's cute that he says it in rhythm with me. My favorite thing that Kingsley has picked up lately is "dancing". This consists of him pretty much head banging with his mouth wide open, it is pretty hilarious.

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  1. I just came across your blog via your cardigan onsies. We're having another little boy and boy names have been extremely hard, as soon as I saw your little boys name I just LOVED it. It's now on our list.

    new follower!

    Sisters, Sisters