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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Photo worthy Kingsley moments

I have a bunch of random pictures of the King, that are just too cute not to post. Here he is about three months probably wearing his/my favorite red pants that I got in the girls section of Old Navy :)
And to spice things up we threw in a mohawk :)
The other morning I woke up to this monkey just jibbering away in his crib. 
I walked in the room and got a straight whiff of poo.. GAG I know! But this kid was as happy as could be so I grabbed a couple pics before I changed his diaper :)
hehe he loves chewing on his crib :)
When it was just so so cold I would bundle him up for stroller rides :)
Honestly I love dressing up this little MR :) Whoever says dressing boys isn't fun isn't trying hard enough!

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  1. Those skinny jeans are just killing me. He's too much! So stinkin cute. Thanks for sharing :) An abundance of male children run in my husband's family so it's nice to see that if we have a boy, I won't be completely alone with wanting to have a stylish little man.