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Monday, October 8, 2012

Labor Day Lake Powell

This Labor day we loaded Kingsley up and headed to lake powell! I was a little nervous to bring him, but he ended up doing great!
The drive down was awful, just so long. K slept most of the time, but we didn't get there until 2am. Seriously such a bad idea! Then the boys woke up at 5am launched the boat & then headed off to golf. Seems like another stupid idea to me, but oh well.
Jer wouldn't let me pack my camera, so I only have some iphone pictures of our trip. Kingsley did awesome and slept through most the nights, and generally was in good spirits. He even got to ride on the boat :)
He just loves his shark swimsuit :)
We had so much fun with the Browns, Schoutens, and Tates, + Courtney. It was the perfect amount of people.
I don't know why I love this picture so much, makes me giggle.
Safety first!
Seemed like most of the time was spent on the speed boat this trip.
Cutest flag girl ever. She is pregnant :) Along with Megan who I don't even have a picture of.
Brooke basically kicked everyones butt surfing.
We had such a great trip with awesome friends and food. The only downer was when we were leaving we got cited for not getting the boat inspected for mussels on accident, which ended up being a $2,500 fine! Ya seriously it was one expensive Lake Powell trip in the end. At least we will be wiser next year

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  1. so darling! wish you stayed the next week :) We are moving to NSL next year so we will have to have play dates!!