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Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Eggs

I had seen lots of pretty painted easter eggs & really wanted to paint some myself this holiday.  I decided it's pointless to color hard boiled eggs though since nobody really wants to eat the egg inside & then you don't get to keep the egg you spent so much time making pretty! I would have preferred wooden eggs but didn't order them in time. So I convinced my mom & Meg they wanted to paint eggs too so we grabbed some paper mache eggs from Micheals. Here are my finished eggs :)
Here are some close ups. Mostly I just love all the pastel ones, but the neon ones are fun too.
For now their resting place is our mantle, but I hope to come up with a better way to display them next year.
I hope to paint some next year as well to the point where I have a lot of painted eggs. It would be fun to turn them into a wreath for the front door.
This last week was so much fun as my mom & youngest siblings were on spring break! The girls (my mom, Meg, Prez, cousin Alexa & I) went & took some fun classes at the gym including yoga, body jam, & zumba. We are considering getting a 3 month pass to go during the summer, so hopefully I can lose all my baby weight. We also headed down to city creek. I'm actually pretty jealous that Jeremy works right there & can walk over whenever he wants. Not that he will take advantage of that since he hates shopping. Anyways my fam headed to Vegas & I was so sad Jeremy & I didn't join. Especially when Jeremy made me sit thru 3 1/2 hours of Titanic in 3D! Are you kidding me?? It was torture, but for some reason Jeremy felt like he had missed out not seeing it on the big screen since he was gone on his mission. What a crazy person he is.
Luckily our Easter sunday was lovely as we went to church & then headed over to Earl & Sandy's for a delicious Ham & potatoes meal. We even had strawberry shortcake for dessert, yum! We also watched the Masters, which I have to say was actually highly entertaining. Since the weather was nice we even took a motorcycle ride around Farmington. Don't worry it was just a slow scenic ride, but it was really fun to see everyone outside celebrating Easter. Well I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, I'm excited for it to be in the high 70's this week!
Sorry for so many pictures of my eggs, I'm just so proud :)

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  1. These are so cute! Note to self: switch to wooden next year. Mine are so cute but they're the real ones and they stink!! Good idea...