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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Family photo fail

Have you have ever debated whether you wanted a large family or a small one? Well the process of pictures with a large family may have you leaning towards a small one! :) I love being in a big family but we found getting a GOOD picture of ALL of us at the SAME time can be nearly impossible.
I kid you not these shots below were some of the best ones we got..
Clearly we struggled. 
Now don't be too discouraged since I won't claim everyone in the Potter clan cooperates. It seems like at least one sibling is trying to ruin the picture at one point or another. Oh well, maybe one day we will get it together.
 For now we will stick with small family photos, because I think that goes a little smoother..
Atlas is doing his monster face here :)
and my personal favorite is to take them of cute little ones
trying to get ones of Hawkes & Atlas
 cute :)
 how cute is his little outfit??
 just posing :)
 Hawkes & Diesel becoming best friends
Obviously Diesel was feeling very comfortable by the end of it..
 It was so nice to have everyone all together!

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