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Monday, June 13, 2011

Lake Como, Italy

Friday morning I woke up feeling just AWFUL!! I mean I was sitting in the tub sobbing until Jeremy pulled me out & helped me get dressed. That bad. Why I have the weakest stomach I will never know, but it's getting pretty old!
So as we were checking out Jeremy kindly spoke with the owner about our missing camera (which was at home). We had asked her to call our previous hotel because we had no idea when our camera had disappeared. She was very unhelpful so we just said forget it. When Jake came down to tell her Brianne's iphone was missing she was beyond rude. Evidence proves it REALLY was stolen by the way. She basically showed no sympathy & said there was no way her staff would have stolen it & wouldn't even write the information down. She at one point said "It's Impossible" which became a huge joke between us. (which always makes you giggle when said in an accent) "It's Impossible" the day it was stolen? that it was her staff? or that the phone was ever there in the first place? we will never know but it was pretty funny that she said it. (Sorry Bri that it involved the demise of your phone)
Anyways we didn't have time to dwell on it as we had to take the train from Florence -> Milan, and then Milan -> Verena. Jeremy accidentally bought 34euros worth of tickets we already had, ouch, but we had no time to refund them! It was a very painful trip for me, I basically cried the whole 2-3hrs feeling sick, hot & uncomfortable. Most slept while Jeremy & Jake giggled very loudly as they watched "The League" which is the dumbest guy show ever, but it kept them happy: 
We arrived in Verena on Lake Como which is just beautiful!

We walked from the train station to our hotel Olivedo which was so cute & probably my favorite of the places we stayed.
Besides the fact that it didn't have an elevator this place was a gem. Our room had such a cute cottage chic feel to it. Very vintage with all the rooms having different miss-matched furniture & only five employee's. The old lady who owned the place was so sweet. Bottom right picture is of the view from our room.
I wanted to take this chandelier home with me.
After some water & crackers I felt much better & ready to enjoy this cute little place. We hopped on the ferry & headed over to Bellagio which is probably the most popular spot in Lake Como. It's such a quaint little place with small cobblestone streets & cute little shops.
After the most delicious lemonade slushy we headed to a cute wood toy store we had heard about from friends. It was so cute, I wish we had grabbed more items. We came away with a toy boat.
Pink is a new favorite of mine :)
Love this guy, he really took care of me when I wasn't feeling well.
Love the scallops on this bldg.

The drinking water in Italy is really good & fresh as it is routed down from the hills!
Swoon these colors make me happy. I want my house to have painted shutters!
Love these little alleyways.
That afternoon we took another ferry over to Tremezzo.
How cool is this pool floating on the lake?? Looks like heaven to me!
We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out on these steps enjoying the views while the boys played a dice game.
(next 2 pictures courtesy of Bri)
We were going to go into these gardens, but it got too late so we just peeked in thru the fence.
 Favorite picture of the day of these cute elderly people sitting on the bench :)
 We hopped on the ferry back to Verena & our hotel. Here are some of the views from the boat. 
It's such a gorgeous serene place.

 That night we had a wonderful four course meal at our hotel. Delicious lamb, asparagus & ice cream that was a nice break from pasta.
After dinner we walked around Verena. It was so peaceful & relaxing. We definitely needed this day that was more calm to give us a break from all of the crazy traveling. I wouldn't mind retiring here some day when I'm old..
This will be Jeremy & I in fifty years..
Next up Venice!


  1. Cass I love all these posts! It's giving me the itch to travel again so bad!!

  2. Stunning photos, searched for Verena on Lake Como and this populated the organic results. Was listening to Rick Steves' travel podcast. Lovely!