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Friday, May 6, 2011

One last thing..

I have always loved the idea of having things custom made, especially after my wedding. (My dress along with all my bridesmaid dresses were handmade originals!) A while back I found a Kate Spade dress I fell in love with but alas it was over $400.. Not happening for me.. but then I thought hey why not get it made?? And what better place than here in Mexico where everything is cheaper!! So I first wanted to have a test dress made before I used my semi expensive fabric I had printed to resemble the Kate Spade one.
I really liked this anthro dress below & decided to use it as my tester. 
I found some material I had laying around pretending I was gonna make something out of it myself & found a cute tailor shop to take on the challenge. I of course had to bring my friend Gardenia along to translate, but she enjoyed the process as much as I did.
Here was the finished product:
It doesn't have the same appeal as the stripes but I was just using something I had. I think it turned out pretty good & can't wait to see my Kate Spade replica dress! The best part is aside from the fabric it cost me $13 dollars to get this dress made.. Can you believe it?? The sweet lady wouldn't even take a tip!
Hopefully this is the 1st of many custom dresses.

I had to add these pictures to show what this dress looks like on! So fun :)
Tootles :)


  1. that is awesome! what a great idea...and you always have such good style

  2. This is pure genius... And I want at least 5!

  3. $13? I would have a whole new wardrobe made for myself with it being that cheap! Looking forward to seeing more items.

  4. I though that was cute when you first posted but seriously soo cute on. So, when we come down can I get some made??