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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Crafting Lately

Lately I have gotten back together with crafting, and have been pleased with the results. I found this retro colorful print & bought it not knowing what I would even use it for.  I decided to make a dress and just matched it with a black shirt. I loved how the top turned out! The skirt is a little uneven at the bottom, but I am a beginner what can you expect! 
I also made this grey flower head band which I love! I think I am going to make one in every color. Even Jer was impressed. Since sometimes it's hard to take pictures of myself diesel usually is my model :) I also showcased my new purple tights!
So today is cold and windy outside which means I am stuck inside.  Sand and wind is basically the worst combination ever!  So I am going to make the best of it and finish up the project I have been working on to have something to match my lavender tights!


  1. Im impressed very cute dress! Love the top! Im sure you know first had about moving to the un known. How did you make your flower thick..?! I made one like that out of silk material for Sami but I wished I could of made the twist of material thick (or bigger). I like it better the way yours turned out. You'll have to explain since im not the best at figuring out how to make it wrapped around parts thicker.

  2. I am so pleased! I love what you are creating down there in Mexico. I think perhaps a stint on Project Runway might be in the future ;)

  3. i am so impressed! you are so crafty and i love your dress and headband!