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Monday, March 15, 2010


So here are some projects I have been working on lately.
First I found this cool fabric and decided to make a V-neck shirt (because that's as high as my skills go.) I don't think it is a masterpiece by any means but I don't think it looks totally handmade when I wear it.

So I found this really cool brooch at a thrift store but the pin had broken off. So I decided to add it onto this necklace. I know its a little crazy but I like statement pieces.

So this lavender velvet ribbon was on sale so I had to buy it. Then I found a bag of purple miscellaneous beads. I put them all together and ended up with this!

So I originally made this flower for a head band, by folding fabric and glueing on the beads. But it ended up too big so instead I added it to this necklace which added just the right amount of glamour.

Diesel was kind enough to model it for me. :)
Well that's all I have for now, but I would appreciate any recommendations or feedback you may have.


  1. I love everything you've made! I would totally wear any of it

  2. Thanks Meg!! Ok that gives me a little confidence!