Saturday, June 28, 2014

DIY Drums

So for Kingsley's birthday I really wanted to make him these drums I saw on Pinterest.. Last Year! I know so pathetic.. I think I lost motivation since I was sick in my first trimester pregnant with Hudson, and as more time went on I sorta lost my vision of what style I wanted to go with them. Anyways luckily last second it all came together & I loved how they turned out. They were not that difficult once I set my mind to finishing them. I was actually over surprised and happy that Kingsley seemed to love them as much as I do :)
Kingsley just happened to be reading books in his teepee while I was getting shots of the drums. He loves his little reading nook.
Now I didn't take step by step photos of making the drums or anything but I figured I might as well include some instructions in case anyone was interested in making some.
You will need:
popcorn tins/hat box/oatmeal container
(or whatever you want to use for you drum)
leather or suede cord
(I got the white at Joannes and the mint on etsy)
leather for top & bottom of drums
(warning, this can be expensive so find a friend to go in on it with you!)
paint, or fabric depending on how you want to cover you drums
wood poles, ball knobs from craft store
fuzzy fabric
glue gun
leather punch
I used different materials on all the drums to have a variety of sizes and styles. First you need to cover your drums. I painted the popcorn tin with a grid pattern. The hat box I covered with a knit fabric I had, and On the oatmeal container I painted fabric and glued it on. Funny enough it took me the most time to paint the fabric and then cover the container, but it's also my least favorite.
After you have covered you drum you need to add the leather to the top and bottom. For example I put the popcorn tin on top of the leather and traced around it. Then I added about 1.5 inch and cut it out. You need to add extra around the circle, so when you cut it out it can fold over the drum.
You should have two leather circles cut out for each drum you are making. Now you need to get your leather punch and make holes around the edges to pull your string thru. I did mine about an inch apart.
After I punched out my holes I glued the leather pieces to the top. This isn't necessary, but I wanted mine to be extra durable since Kingsley is still to young to be soft with his toys.
Next step is to string your cord thru. Do it around the top and bottom leather pieces and then tie them off underneath the leather so the knots don't show. Then for the look of a real drum lace your cord up and down thru the top and bottom pieces till you get the look you want.
Ta da! Your drums are finished! Now all you need to do is make some sticks. I just covered the wooden ball with fuzzy fabric I had and glued both onto the stick. I made extras just in case he lost ones or a friend wanted to jam too.
Kingsley loves his drums and that they all make different noises. The oatmeal container is weak but he doesn't seem to mind.
I enjoy crafting although have the projects don't turn out how I want them to where this one actually turned out much better than I even thought! I'm excited that Kingsley loves to play with them and feels proud I made them for him :)

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